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March 15, 2018

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Personal Credibility It has to be with you ALL the time

September 27, 2017

I addressed the “I” in Credibility in a previous Blog. However, when it comes to the topic of “credibility”, the topic — the term, knows NO BOUNDARIES.


Personal Credibility applies to ALL PEOPLE — in all walks of life.  Whether you’re in a board room, in an office for a Fortune 500 company, on a football field, in a schoolroom, in a client’s home, or on the playground, the question is simply this: “Are people being truthful and credible with each other?”


Unfortunately, credibility, or lack thereof, is very much in the news today — and I’m here to report what you already know —it’s not good news — and it’s not fake news.


Do you remember that famous credit card slogan years ago, “Don’t leave home without it.” That slogan is so apropos to Personal Credibility.


Personal Credibility is something you can’t forget as you walk out the door. It’s got to be with you all the time because people are always judging you, testing you, assessing your truthfulness, your care and concern about people, and the list goes on. People will assume that you have a good product portfolio, but what they really want to know is if you care about them personally. Are you empathetic, and are you truthful — yes, are you credible?


Just imagine if you took a “day off” from personal credibility and left it at home. What do you think the ramifications would be like? Could you “get by” for 8-12 hours and ask people to excuse yourself because you left PC back home? Sounds far-fetched, doesn’t it. But the reality is Personal Credibility has to be with you all the time.

Keep in mind that personal credibility is based on the types of things that people DO — and that applies to organizations as well. As Sandy Allgeier comments in her book, The Personal Credibility Factor “ It’s what people do that form our opinions, relationships, and ultimate decision of whether to trust and respect them.”

Let me repeat: “ It’s what people do that form our opinions…”

People around us, in and out of any organization, are always ‘observing’ — our actions are constantly under the microscope. What may have taken years in developing solid public confidence can be dashed in a moment because of actions, thus resulting in perceptions of distrust and disrespect. Oh, yes, trust can be re-built, but it’s slow, it’s painful, and it’s labor-intensive.

So keep in mind that personal credibility can’t be left home. As a matter of fact, Personal Credibility is more akin to a driver’s license, rather than that famous credit card. The driver’s license is something that a person must always carry — it’s required!  Without that driver’s license, some regrettable actions will occur.

Personal Credibility —  It has to be with you ALL the time.





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