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Do you travel occasionally?  A lot?

Do you fly, cruise or drive?

Is it across the United States or to Islands for vacation?

Do you go to foreign countrie...

How Often Do You Travel and Are You Prepared?

March 15, 2018

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Funeral or Life Celebration.... Which would you Choose?

As of late it seems that I have been seeing more and more on “Themed” funerals, or Celebration’s of Life.  Motorcycle Hearse of Kentucky for Example offers “last Rides”.. A Motorcycle hearse? I know some people that would fit perfectly. The tragedy of a young boy losing his life, was honored with a Super Hero theme, where people dressed as super heroes. All of this has lead me to ask myself, what I would want.  This is the conclusion I have arrived at. My Wants and Don’t wants so to speak.

I DON’T want my family to be burdened with EVERY decision, and a financial burden

I DON’T want it to be surrounded around the fact that I am gone

I DON’T want regrets, and WHAT IF’s, or WHY’s

I DON’T want flowers everywhere

I DON’T want Black dresses, veils, and dark suits

When I was younger I ALWAYS wanted people around, the more the merrier.  Parties at the house almost every weekend if I could get enough people together, because I LOVE people and now my favorite place to be is at church surrounded by people, in fellowship, and spending time with my family….. so why would I want a ceremony at the end of my life to be anything other than how I lived it? 

Now that I have covered what I DON’T want what DO I want???

While I always liked being around people, I have NEVER liked being the center of attention… I don’t want “all eyes” on me, scrutinizing every detail and I don’t want to be remembered how I look lying in the casket.  With that being said however, I also want whatever is easiest on the people that I care the most about, so I will leave that up to what is easiest for them. 

I love to give, it truly is better than receiving in my opinion, so rather than flowers everywhere….. Give to something or someone in my name.  Be kind, tell someone you love them, offer a helping hand to someone in need, even if you think that they may not deserve it….. Forgive, if you have been holding a grudge, even if it is just for a moment, say I’m sorry and if you feel the need to bring or send something, think of something that reminds you of me, and share with my family and friends WHY it reminds you of me.  Be comfortable.  Dress how you always dress, how you are comfortable.  Bring a CD, Guitars, a Hymn Book, set up a karaoke machine…. Break out the lounge chairs, drop tailgates, rearrange the chairs so that they are in a big circle, sing, laugh, and TALK to one another.

Have you talked to your Family and loved ones about what you want?  Have you made the necessary preparations and planning so that they are not financially burdened?  Have you listened to their wants and wishes?  Maybe they are not comfortable talking about it, we all know that the loss of a loved one is not a pleasant conversation to have…. YOU CAN however.  Plan Ahead, speak to an Insurance Professional, or Funeral Director, make the necessary preparations to protect your family, YOUR Legacy.

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