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March 15, 2018

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THANK YOU'S--What's Your 'Thank You' Strategy

January 4, 2018



“Never delay gratitude” — Skip Prosser


It’s that time of year — time to be thankful for what we have as well as enjoying the fun of gift giving during the holiday season and getting ready for the New Year.

Some folks may say that “thank you” is not necessary for a job well done since, well,  ‘that’s my job’.

Some may say that “thank you” is a sign of weakness. Why is that?

Some may say that “thank you” is trite since you were doing what you were supposed to be doing during the sales process and the client should be thanking YOU.

I have one comment for all that: REALLY?.

“Thank You” is not a sign of weakness, nor a sign of shirking responsibilities during the sales process. It is merely an extension of common courtesy and relating to a client, or a prospective client, that they ARE an important part of your life. It is statement that says “I’m thankful, proud, and very pleased to be able to work with you and provide you the financial tools necessary to bring your personal plans to fruition.” That’s all.

It’s the little things that count! Never delay gratitude”.

Face-to-face thank you’s is always an excellent step, but that is just one component of the thank you strategy. Email thank you’s are chilly. The form letter ‘thank you” is frigid. The delay in sending out any kind of thank-you is down right COLD.

It’s important to make thank you’s personal — and that means getting back to writing a thank you note. Yes, you remember those notes, don’t you? A pen and a note card. And guess who should write those notes — YOU. If you were responsible for the entire sales process and the close and the sale and delivery, then YOU should be writing the Thank You card.

It takes only a few moments to write a few sentences of gratitude by applying ink to paper — and suddenly you have created a lasting and indelible mark on a person who will be very appreciative of the personal thank you. And don’t forget that a gesture of that nature will also generate goodwill and REFERRALS, the lifeblood of any salesperson’s business.


Here are some things to consider for your personal note:


1. Make sure the address on the envelope is hand-written — don’t use the cold and impersonal label.

2. Don’t use a white envelope — color envelopes will get opened first.

3. Use a real stamp rather than the organization’s meter machine. There are so many unique stamps at the Post Office that you can purchase. Plus, you can even get creative and go to many websites where you can personalize your own postage stamp.

4. On the back of the envelope, write “thank you” or some other message that will generate a reason for the recipient to open the envelope as well as creating a reinforcement to the message inside the note card.

5. And don’t forget the “implied consent” that you’ll be chatting with this person again for an annual review.


Make “thank you’s” one of your New Year’s Resolutions. The pay back for one little hand-written THANK YOU is enormous.

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